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The DollieDen Community

The DollieDen Lj community
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The DollieDen is a PG rated chatroom existing in the realms of avatar chat. ;) I solely made this livejournal community not to compete with the Den, but to gather news and gossip from the DollieDen's users.

Basic Rules/Disclaimers

First off, just like the DollieDen, no cursing, name calling, being rude, etc. Keep it PG, kids.

Secondly, this community was made WITHOUT permission, and if DollieGirl deems it so, it will go down without question. All themes/ideas expressed on the DollieDen.com or the DollieDen itself belong to her. Mmkay.

Thirdly, this community was made to unite the DollieDen users in a community using their livejournals. I inquired of Xell about the idea, and he agreed it might work. And recently Livejournal.com opened their free making a livejournal thing without having a code from an existing user. So, I made a DollieDen community on Livejournal.com. ;)

Fourthly, no one will be turned away. Everyone, even if you DON'T go to the DollieDen, are welcome to come here and chat. Just, remember that kids probably will come to this page.. and well.. their parents would not be pleased if a curse word appears or something similar. Think of the DollieDen filter, you know what you can say and can't say. And if you do say it, I will see, and you will not be a part of this little community.

Fifthly, this community will not be used for advertising web-sites (besides the DollieDen). If you are caught, you will be forced to leave.

Sixthly, be kind, be nice, and behave. Oh, and you'd better have fun. ;)

Seventhly (is seventhly even a word?), the main purpose of this community is to well.. share news.. gossip (in a good way, now) and just generally chat. It's similar to the DollieDen message board, but, for people like me, that message board is Greek. All message boards are Greek to me. And livejournal is something I understand and use. And it's simple. ;)

Eighthly, IF ANYONE SENDS AN APPLICATION TO THIS COMMUNITY IT WILL BE DELETED AND IGNORED. This is NOT were you send applications for staff. So, c'mon, cut me some slack and go to the "! Hiring" (without the rabbit ears) room in DollieDen1, okay?

Ninthly, if you need any type of DollieDen questions or assistance, please ask here. I'll be happy to answer questions for you, okay? =^_^=

Tenthly, livejournal questions can be answered under the FAQs section. Thanks for joining~!